Dr. Stein Announces His Retirement

A Letter From Dr. Stein

Dear Patient,

All good things eventually must come to an end.  And, so it is with my dental career.  After 42 years of practice (37 of them at Water Street), it is my time to go.

I have been so blessed with a wonderful dental career that started with two great partners:  Dr. McComsey  and Dr. Rella, the best dental staff in the entire world and so many wonderful  and appreciative patients.  I’ve had some speed bumps in those 42 years, the greatest of which was Hurricane Sandy and her devastation to our building.  Thanks to my wife, Peggy, Dr. Rella, a great supportive staff, a great general contractor, and our wonderful patients, we rebuilt our dental office and were able to come back and practice in a location second to none.

Sometimes you just feel it’s time to ‘inject new life and energy into the practice for the benefit of patients;  time to enjoy remaining time with family you don’t get much opportunity to see,  and time to enjoy some hobbies and interests that you didn’t have time for before.

Many of you have met Dr. Kazanjian, and most have met Dr. Rella.  Both of them are prepared to continue treating you after my departure.  I will remain available to them to support this transition and your care will continue without any interruption.

So thank you again for your love and support of our practice.  We know how you feel about us.  Please know we feel the same about you. Should anyone have any concerns about their continued care, please call our office.  We will be happy to discuss your concerns.

I wish you and your family health and happiness and want you to know how much I have valued our relationship together.



David Stein, DMD

Riverfront Dental Care, PA