Teeth Whitening

Get the Teeth Whitening Results You Want From Professionals You Can Trust

Get the Teeth Whitening Results You Want From Professionals You Can Trust

Riverfront Dental Care in Toms River only uses the best product

When your teeth aren’t as radiant as you wish, skip the subpar over-the-counter whitening products and let the dentists at Riverfront Dental Care show you the benefits of using Opalescence.

A leader in the teeth whitening industry for more than two decades, Opalescence is a professional whitening system that gives you amazing results. Safe and effective, the gel used contains potassium nitrate and fluoride—both of which have been shown to improve the health of your teeth by reducing cavities, strengthening the enamel and reducing sensitivity.

Formulated to prevent shade relapse and dehydration, Riverfront Dental Care offers four concentrations of Opalescence as well as three flavors.

Stains on your teeth are put into two categories: extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic refers to the surface of your teeth and intrinsic pertains to the stains that are deep within your dentin.

Teeth whitening gel contains an active ingredient, usually cabamide or hydrogen peroxide and works by penetrating the enamel to get to the discolored molecules. The oxygen molecules of the active ingredient react with the discolored molecules in your teeth and break the bond between them while spreading to whiten the entire tooth.

Have the brighter, whiter and brilliant smile you’ve always wanted by trusting the professionals at Riverfront Dental Care in Toms River.